Saturday, May 22, 2004

Biman to separate engineering division

The government is planning to separate the engineering division of the Bangladesh Biman Corporation from its commercial wing in view of making it a profitable one.
The State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mir Mohammed Nasiruddin on Wednesday told newsmen that the engineers in Biman Corporation have been doing very good job in recent days. It achieved certain international standard for aircraft maintenance (C-check).
He also informed newsmen that for the first time Jordan Airline would land in Zia International Airport for technical maintenance, which will help the corporation earn $1,00,000 from a single aircraft a week.
For the first time, Kuwait Airlines has also assigned the technical handling to the corporation.
揟hat抯 is why I am planning to separate the engineering division from the commercial wing in the form of Biman Flight Catering (BFC) which have enough potential to be profitable concern,?the State Minister said.
Earlier on Tuesday the Society of Aircraft Engineers of Bangladesh (SAEB) went on a daylong strike over a tussle with the Biman management.
About the strike, the state minister said that a misunderstanding between the Biman management and flight engineers created the problem and they themselves solved the problem.
揊rom late midnight, everything became normal,?he added.
He said that due to the cooperation from the engineers, the overseas D-check cost for Biman has reduced to $1.8 million from $4.68 million per year.
The State Minister opined that if the engineering division is separated from the commercial wing, the performance of the division would increase manifold


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